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Quantifying the business value of Nutanix solutions
By Nutanix | 25/2/2016

An organization’s ability to be competitive locally and globally has become inseparable from decisions made within its datacenter. Today’s IT departments are expected to move quickly with the businesses they support and ultimately be a key contributor to initiatives designed to improve a business’ bottom line, expand its revenue streams, or strengthen its relationships with customers.

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IDC Report - Ease Support, Deployment, and Training with Video-Aided Remote Support Tools
By LogMeIn | 23/2/2016

Enterprises — whether in manufacturing, energy, healthcare, IT, or other industry verticals — need to have devices and systems installed and functioning for the long term at peak performance. This whitepaper looks at the role of LogMeIn, a provider of cloud-based connectivity services, in the important market of video-aided remote support.

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Delivering Private Clouds Today
By Data#3 | 15/11/2013

Developing effective private cloud management and implementation plans is a top priority for many IT decision makers. Highly integrated management environments can monitor and optimize complex, heterogeneous private cloud applications, while infrastructure can provide IT staff with self-service provisioning capabilities and tools to automate many routine processes and workflows. This white paper discusses industry-wide views on private cloud management trends and priorities, while case studies highlight the benefits of using enhanced architecture and highlight the lessons learned.

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