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Tooling up for collaboration: Virtual meetings that drive business results
By LogMeIn | 8/10/2015

With 65% of companies using web conferencing tools and 96% planning to maintain or significantly increase the use of web conferencing, there is no doubt that collaborative meeting tools are essential for a modern enterprise.

This whitepaper explains the importance of equipping the workforce with simplified and effective meeting tools to help promote unity between key business divisions. It also looks at the lost opportunity cost of meetings mismanagement caused by delays.

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Quickly Delivering Products to Market
By Idvio | 19/2/2014

Manufacturing is held back when designer, development, production and logistics teams are dispersed across continents, and face-to-face meetings are crucial to keep projects on path. This whitepaper details how video calling and conferencing is technology’s answer to better team communications, as well as lowering costs and increasing time to market.

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