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The Rise of ‘Data and Analytics’ Roles Points to Digital Business Transformation
By Gartner | 25/11/2016

Gartner clients are creating new roles, job titles and duties referring to “data and analytics,” a shift in wording that reflects the wider transformation to data-driven digital business. The leaders of this transformation are new data executives, especially chief data officers.

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Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms
By Microsoft | 16/5/2016

The BI and analytics platform market's multi year shift from IT-led enterprise reporting to business-led self-service analytics has passed the tipping point. Most new buying is of modern, business-user-centric platforms forcing a new market perspective, significantly reordering the vendor landscape.

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Security Analytics: The Cornerstone Of Modern Detection And Response
By RSA | 5/2/2016

Keeping your company secure is as much about detecting and responding to attacks as they occur as it is about preventing attacks before they happen. Given the proliferation and sophistication of malicious entities, organizations must assume that they will be infiltrated and have an effective detection and response strategy. In this report Forrester Consulting evaluates how the capabilities of SIEM and security analytics solutions stack up against the current threat landscape.

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Big Data use cases for telcos
By Cloudera | 27/1/2016

Telecom Service Providers are now able to turn the avalanche of data they have into valuable business insights. These insights play an integral role to help telcos achieve business objectives and promote growth. This whitepaper looks at the 4 key big case data uses for telcos from customer experience management, to network optimisation, operational analytics and data monetisation.

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Elevating the customer experience in the mobile world
By CA Pacific | 1/12/2015

With mobile app sales anticipated to reach $151 billion by 2017, there is no denying applications are reshaping the way organisations interact with their clients. This whitepaper looks at the factors that contributes to a compelling experience for the application end user, and how the combination of mobile application analytics and APM solution can provide deep insights that benefits both the CIO and CMO.

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2015 Remote support trends
By LogMeIn | 13/10/2015

Remote support solutions today comprises more than remote control for PCs. With globalisation of companies, the workforce is now more mobile than ever which translates to an increased variety of devices being used.

This whitepaper looks at results from a 2015 survey showing trends of this market, showing more than 70% of surveyed businesses are adopting a remote support solution and nearly 50% have allocated budgets for this purpose in the next financial year.

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The state of support services: 2015
By LogMeIn | 13/10/2015

A client survey reveals that customers now want more options from their support providers and are also more inclined to stay with their current provider if the level of customer support caters to expectations.

Find out why service providers should be focusing on analytics to drive performance improvements to provide a well-rounded proactive approach to support client needs, why it's important to introduce mechanisms for end users to share user experiences and why leveraging on this information is key to implementing change.

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The 2-Tier Business Intelligence Imperative
By Birst | 8/9/2015

Birst’s perspective on a next generation BI and analytics platform that offers rapid, economical self-service while providing deep capabilities and compliance with enterprise data standards.

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Redefining networks for cloud, analytics, mobile, social and security
By IBM Australia | 19/8/2015

Much has been written about cloud, big data and analytics, mobile, social, and IT security as significant forces that are transforming information technology and business, but what about their impact on networking?

This paper explores the implications of cloud, big data and analytics, mobile, social business and the evolving IT security landscape on data centre and enterprise networks and the changes that organisations will need to make in order to capitalise on these technology forces.

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Business value of managed services
By IBM Australia | 15/6/2015

This whitepaper looks at the dramatic shift in the relationship between technology and business and the challenges organisations are facing with expanding investments in mobility, social media, and Big Data/analytics — and, most significantly, a transformation to cloud-based delivery.

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