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Optimising your infrastructure for cloud computing
By Eaton | 23/6/2015

This white paper examines some of the forces behind rising adoption of cloud-based solutions, explores how cloud architectures impact data centres and discusses a series of concrete practices and technologies that can help companies collect the benefits of cloud computing without compromising uptime or overwhelming their power and cooling systems.

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Backup and Recovery Best Practices with CommVault Simpana Software
By Tintri | 2/1/2015

Tintri VMstores with CommVault Simpana software solution is a strong combination for providing data protection of virtual machines locally and remotely. CommVault Simpana deduplication solution is very efficient and only stores unique changed block for backups. Tintri VMstores are designed, from the ground up, for hosting virtual machines. In addition, SnapVM, CloneVM, and ReplicateVM can ensure that virtual machines and application servers are protected locally and across data centers.

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SANS Analytics and Intelligence Survey | 2014
By LogRhythm | 1/12/2014

Of those organizations that are able to detect attacks, more than 23% experienced 2 to 5 breaches or significant attacks in the past two years. Visibility holds the key to improved detection and response capabilities. Organizations need to understand their environment and what constitutes normal and abnormal behavior, train staff on how to use analytic tools and define the data they need to collect.

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SANS Combining Security Intelligence and the Critical Security Controls
By LogRhythm | 1/12/2014

The Critical Security Controls for Effective Cyber Defense (CSCs) represent an established and solid set of guidelines for the government, financial, education, manufacturing and health care sectors, according to a 2013 SANS survey on the CSCs. SANS had the opportunity to review numerous features of LogRhythm's security information and event management (SIEM) platform with new security intelligence features built in for compliance. In our review, we focused on LogRhythm's ability to ease some of these pain points while meeting 10 of the most valuable CSCs.

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Frost & Sullivan Market Penetration Leadership Award SIEM/LM Global, 2013
By LogRhythm | 1/12/2014

Frost & Sullivan’s award highlights four key performance drivers that distinguish LogRhythm:

Key Features include; Brand Performance, Technical Leadership, Defining the Market for Competitors, and Product Line Depth. Download today to get the full Frost and Sullivan Best Practices Research for SIEM and log management.

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Mobile device management policies - Best practices guide
By IBM Australia | 28/11/2014

This document is designed to give you MDM best practices to provide maximum control over mobile devices, reducing risks to your corporate data without jeopardising employee productivity. •You can set it up so that you don’t have to do anything if devices fall out of compliance •Many of your decisions will be grounded in the regulations for your industry •Maintenance will be easier if, as much as it is possible, you treat all your users the same way

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Implementing mobility programs while maintaining regulatory compliance
By Dell | 5/9/2014

As your organization implements BYOD, it’s important to maintain compliance with data security and privacy regulations. This paper provides some key best practices to avoid problems and stay vigilant.

• Poor compliance can result in financial penalties, litigation and damage to your company’s reputation • Make sure you have the IT solutions you need to avoid data leaks, avert data loss and prevent unauthorized access to information • Employ solutions designed to streamline BYOD management and simplify the process of proving compliance

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Pathways Express | Advancing Business, Technology and Leadership Excellence
By CIO Executive Council | 24/6/2014

Pathways Express is a one-day intensive learning and development program for senior ICT executives. It is designed to equip participants with the skills and competencies required to more effectively manage the demands and complexities of contemporary businesses. The program brings together ‘real world’ best practices, thought leadership and business insights to help today’s ICT professionals deliver higher value into their organisations and position themselves as tomorrow’s business leaders.

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Google+ Guide
By Oracle | 27/3/2014

From “hangouts” to “communities,” Google+ has a lot to offer to brands looking to engage audiences and refine their strategies on this social platform.

The Google+ Update, by Oracle Social Cloud (#OracleSocial), includes an overview of new features and functionality, user demographics, industry trends, and a review of best practices that will help increase the likelihood of user engagement and aid in a brand’s success in this channel.

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Best Practices in Data Protection Monitoring
By EMC Corporation | 28/2/2014

This whitepaper discusses best practice in data protection monitoring, with a focus on recoverability and visibility as significant drivers for success. Whether backing up a private cloud or several smaller environments, learn how a unified view is necessary for proactively reporting protection, compliance to auditors, and understanding overall data protection health, performance, and reliability.

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