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Deploying Equipment Offsite in Co-Location Sites or the Cloud
By APC by Schneider Electric | 18/7/2012

With the ease of adopting cloud computing, it is inevitable that some data and applications will eventually move there. Cloud providers offer many options for moving and storing data in the cloud, and often provide service level strategies well beyond the financial capabilities of small and medium businesses. Read more.

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New desktop solution helps Investa Property Group
By AppSense | 31/1/2014

A success story by one of Australia’s largest owners and managers of quality real estate, read about how Investa Property Group became more agile and responsive, while improving user experience with their comprehensive desktop solution.

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End-to-End Automation Drives Business Innovation
By Automic | 31/10/2013

In today's information-based economy, business technology leaders are expected to drive innovation whilst reducing operational cost and risk. Yet, the infrastructure, applications, and processes that power the business are often fragmented and inefficient. In this IDC Report, we look at how integrated end-to-end automation improves business outcomes.

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The Case for Real-Time Networking
By Avaya | 3/2/2012

CIOs are facing several powerful trends and inflection points that are defining the new IT landscape, including cloud computing, virtualization, the consumerization of IT, smart computing, and communications to collaboration. Taken individually, each one of these trends will have significant ripple effects throughout the planning and operations of IT network infrastructure. In aggregate, they will have an even more dramatic impact on the way that future network architectures need to be planned and designed. Read on.

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The Collaboration Paradox
By BT Australasia | 14/10/2013

In this whitepaper, we look at how new collaboration tools enable global executives to get more out of teams and make faster decisions. However, these teams feel restricted by outdated communication methods that lead to slower decision making and ultimately wasted time and money. Download to hear from the most enthusiastic adopters of collaboration tools and the benefits they have seen in their workplace.

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Vendors Enhance Threat Mitigation And Cloud Capabilities
By CA Pacific | 3/2/2016

Forrester Wave Report for Privileged Identity Management provides a thorough evaluation of all the vendors offering Privileged Management solutions. Today’s economic environment is forcing S&R professionals to consider alternatives to on-premises solutions and use cloud services. Leaders in the PIM space now offer cloud support, threat mitigation to prevent data breaches, and privileged identity intelligence.

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Security Executive Brief: Best Practices and a Maturity Model for Securing Privileged Identities
By CA Pacific | 3/2/2016

This guide provides 22 specific actions that you can take to more effectively control privileged user accounts and access across your organisation in the context of a maturity model.

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Pathways Business Brochure 2013
By CIO Council | 8/2/2012

Tailored learning and development program for organisations looking to build business acumen within their Key ICT executive. The course curriculum is designed in conjunction with the specific requirements the enrolling organisation.

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Pathways Advanced ICT Leadership Development Program Brochure and Course Outline 2012
By CIO Council | 9/2/2012

Developed by the CIO executive Council in conjunction with Rob Livingstone Advisory, Pathways Advanced is a 12-month CIO delivered, small group, mentor based professional leadership development program. Pathways Advanced brings together best practice, thought leadership and business insights for today’s most promising ICT professionals

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CIO Executive Council ROI
By CIO Council | 21/2/2012

This document was created by Council CIOs as a means to illustrate ROI for membership. It outlines the services available to member CIOs and their deputies.

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