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Australian security executives quietly concerned about endpoint protection strategy
By Webroot | 29/10/2015

Endpoint security has been recognised by most companies as being a crucial component of corporate defence against security breaches. Find out why despite being confident in their existing protection strategy, most Australian companies have acknowledged there is still room for improvement.

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Enterprises Are Breaking Down Obstacles to Cloud and Compliance
By SafeNet | 30/5/2014

As organizations begin to expand their encryption usage, several realities become readily apparent: Encryption, The increasing adoption of cloud services, and leveraging hardware security modules (HSM) as well as standards will become foundational requirements for central, enterprise-wide key management. How are organisations contending with these realities as they seek to meet the need for more widespread encryption? This executive summary draws on an extensive survey to provide an update.

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CryptoLocker - Your Money or Your Life
By Webroot | 7/1/2014

As of September 2013, a new and vicious form of malware has been wreaking havoc. CryptoLocker belongs to a family of malware called “ransomware”, which is designed to extort money from victims by denying them access to their personal files. It targets all Windows Operating Systems, from Windows XP to Windows 8, and typically remains unnoticed by victims until it’s too late and the damage to their files is irreparable.

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Handheld Wireless Security
By Check Point Software Technologies | 5/9/2013

Smartphones are rapidly becoming an indispensable communication and computing tool for the world’s expanding mobile workforce. As Smartphones and other handheld wireless communication devices become an integral part of the modern business landscape, the advances in flexibility, power, and mobile access come with a risk. Find out how to stay competitive in a changing business world and leverage technology to meet future needs.

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In Control at Layer 2: A Tectonic Shift in Network Security
By Senetas Corporation | 8/4/2013

Network hacking and corporate espionage are on the rise and set to intensify. Information security risks remain commonplace, and most organisations need to increase vigilance. This paper has analyses the realistic threats to fibre optic Ethernet networks – both at the LAN and WAN level. Read now.

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Kill Your Data To Protect It From Cybercriminals
By Trend Micro Australia | 13/2/2013

There are two types of data: the kind of data that someone wants to steal and everything else. Most security professionals today do not understand the motivations behind data theft. In this Forrester whitepaper, we explore how encrypting, and thereby devaluing, your sensitive data, you can make cybercriminals bypass your networks and look for less robustly protected targets. Find out how to use encryption, tokenization, and other technologies to “kill your data". Click to download!

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Securing Vital Infrastructure
By Clearswift Asia Pacific | 8/2/2012

A unified approach to information security can help modern vital infrastructure providers deal with evolving IT threats without compromising on communications or the demands of an increasingly mobile workforce. Flexible policies, combined with quality inbound threat detection, deep content inspection and encryption capabilities can help organisations to mitigate the risks – not just from outside the organisation, but also within it. Read this whitepaper.

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Take the Guesswork Out of Online Security. VeriSign Guide: Move Beyond Traditional SSL to Establish Trust
By VeriSign Australia | 9/12/2010

This paper explores new developments in website security that online businesses should be implementing to build confidence in their sites, protect valuable brands and safeguard customers’ sensitive information, not to mention improving their bottom line.

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