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Agile revolution report: Benchmarks and guidelines to improve your effectiveness
By CA Pacific | 1/12/2015

Companies have now adopted Agile as an imperative project execution tool due to its consistent ability to deliver significant project execution enhancements in a short period of time. This whitepaper looks at the survey results on how Agile adoption have been spreading, and how these methods are being accepted, rejected and modified.

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Functionality first: A prescriptive approach to simpler, faster and more cost-effective PPM
By CA Pacific | 1/12/2015

Find out how organisations can fully optimise PPM technology solutions to gain greater visibility into projects, share information, and improve decision making processes, allowing for completion of campaigns in a more effectively manner and within allocated budget.

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Four Starting Points for Effective IT Project Management
By HP | 19/8/2013

No two companies are alike, but if the goal is more effective project and portfolio management, the key business process requirements are the same. So, how do you get started? How do you prioritise which issues to address first? What are the risks and potential rewards? What can you do yourself and where can you need help? In this whitepaper, we provide important insights into the root causes of project failures and potential misalignments with business unit expectations. Click to download!

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The Evolution of Business Resiliency Management
By IBM Australia | 2/7/2012

Business resilience management is the holistic management of the processes to help identify potential risks based on impacts that threaten an organisation. One of the most critical aspects of achieving business resilience, a strong BRM program, can help enable organisations to more rapidly adapt and respond to risks and opportunities in order to maintain continuous business operations, be a more trusted partner and enable growth. Read more.

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