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Managed Services Strategy Guide
By IDG Communications | 16/1/2012

If you’ve heard the term managed services mentioned in relation to a broad range of different services, you could be left wondering what the phrase ‘managed services’ actually means. In simplest terms, managed services are any aspect of your business that you outsource to a third party to manage. This Computerworld Strategy Guide will review outsourcing options available and outline how managed services can help to reduce running costs for different aspects of your business, in turn increasing profitability within your business.

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Enterprise Management | A Computerworld Strategy Guide
By IDG Communications | 16/2/2010

Enterprise IT management technologies are underdoing a major image makeover. Download this Computerworld Strategy Guide and receive a collection including case studies, research, and news on expanding business use of evolving technology. Read on...

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Struggling to Support Remote Workers? It's Only Going to Get Worse.
By LogMeIn | 14/5/2009

Workers are going remote. In some organisations, 85% of the workforce works remotely. It's time to start thinking about how to respond to the challenges of having a highly mobile, highly independent workforce. What are some of the perils and upsides? How can you make more of your workers mobile? Find out now.

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